Nissan Consult-3 Plus GTR Card


Applicable Nissan GTR Model


Nissan consult-3 plus GTR Card

Nissan GTR Card is compatible with Nissan Consult 3 GTR card support diagnosing, programming and immobilizer programmer for Nissan GTR cars, but our customers have to at the same time own Nissan Consult 3.

Nissan, infiniti, GTR sports car password calculator (can be calculated 2012 new car password) had launched to the market.If you had buy nissan consult – 3,
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Q:What I have to pay attention to?
A:1. This card must be used to work with Nissan consult 3 .
2.This card is PCI-E port, so the computer that Nissan consult 3 run with have “PCI-E” port

Package list:
1pc x GTR card
1pc x Box


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