Shenzhen STIC technology co., LTD,Founded in 2012,(hereinafter referred to as "STIC"). STIC is the automotive diagnostic instrument,automotive programmer and automotive immobilizer OBD equipment manufacturer,and cloud diagnosis platform and OBD system solution provider. until now,STIC created the products base on strong R&D powerful which are deep loved and good feedback by the automotive repair maintenance master . In the future, STIC will continue to in-depth research in OBD industry, and provide to affordable and good conscience products for the automotive repair and maintenance master.


At the same time, STIC will keep pace with The Times and focus on developing cloud diagnosis platform,and using internet thinking to integrate resources using IoT(Internet of things),Big data and AI(artificial intelligence) technology to making the cloud diagnosis will be "smarter and better understood you" .

STIC always adhere to the thinking that research and development products will be baisc on "conscience products, ingenuity to create". STIC also take customer as the center for the service purpose, and take openness, inclusiveness, fairness and win-win as the basis of cooperation. Believe in dreams, believe in the future!!!


Brand history

In 2012 Year

         June,  Shenzhen STIC technology co., LTD. Was established in yuehai street, nanshan district, shenzhen city. It is determined and focused on the research and development of car inspection equipment and vehicles key programmer as the company's main development direction.

         August,  Developed the first Honda diagnostic tool that called FLY100 generation I, it can be solved the world's problems which did not need a password to do immobilizer function of honda. At the same time, we created the FLY brand.

In 2013 Year

         Released FLY108 pro,FLY200 pro,FLY308 pro,FLY508 pro successfully etc...

In 2014 Year

         March, FVDI2014 was released,which is the first of vehicle diagnostic and automotive key programmer products,It lays a foundation for the future development of FVDI series products

         MAY, TM100 automotive key programmer was released.

         September,Take part in the frankfurt auto parts exhibition in Germany

In 2015 Year

         April,   FVDI2015 was released, it was the FVDI2014 upgrade version

         June,   FLY100 generation II was released, it was the Honda special diagnostic tool

         November,  TOYOTA OTC 2 was released, it was the Toyota special diagnostic tool

In 2016 Year

        JLR SDD2 , VCM IDS 3, OBD terminator and FVDI2 were released ,they were jaguar land rover, ford/mazda special diagnostic tools and comprehensive diagnosis instrument and auto key programmer.

In 2018 Year

        April,FVDI2018 was released.

        Augest, FVDI J2534 was released

In 2019 Year

       May,SVCI DoIP was released, which was Jaguar Land Rover special diagnostic

       June, Company decides on products upgrade and brand upgrade. Developpment the SVCI serise products, change fly brands to STIC brands.

       December,SVCI2019 and SVCI2020 were released.


Company's patent



Position in industry 


Until now, all products developed by STIC technology cover the maintenance needs of models in the market. and   have obtained EU certification and chinese 3C certification, At the same time, we have also obtained EU trademarks, chinese trademarks, EU appearance patents and chinese appearance patents. All products are independently developed and have independent intellectual property rights.

The most representative products of special diagnostic equipment includes SVCI J2534, SVCI DoIP, SVCI GFC,FLY100 II, TOYOTA TOYOTA OTC 2, etc. auto key programmer products includes TM100,SVCI2, SVCI2014, SVCI2015, SVCI2018, SVCI2019 and SVCI2020, etc. At present,Our customers are scattered all over the world and all the products of us are trusted by customers. SVCI2014/2015/2018/2019/2020 is famous all over the world, has a very high brand value. Up to now, SVCI key programmers have a global market share of 67%, and it will grow at a rate of 26% annually in the future. SVCI J2534 and other special diagnostic equipment currently occupy 38% of the global market, and it is expected that the SVCI special diagnostic series will reach 73% of the global market in the next two years

The cloud auto key programmer SVCI TAG and BAOCHI cloud diagnosis product under development is a new concept  product. , which integrates cloud technology, IoT technology, BD and AI technology, and is a future IoV product. Completely subvert the traditional OBD diagnostic device and key programmer work mode and business model, please look forward to!

Team introduction


Shenzhen STIC technology co., ltd. was founded by three OBD industry top experts, three founders have worked in OBD industry giants, with more than 15 years of industry accumulation and strong research and development strength.

STIC is a research and development company, with 76% of corporate r&d personnel and 24% of corporate management, sales, and other personnel,At present, 98% of the company's employees are come from universities and colleges,  We have a very young team and average age of 32 years old. The main technical personnel and the company's management personnel have 100% of the bachelor's degree. Most of them have worked in listed companies, and the main technical personnel have solid technical skills and rich knowledge of OBD industry

Company registration and office address: Room 405, building 1, animation park, no.5 yuehai street, nanshan district, shenzhen city, Guangdong province,China